Tips for sellers of Mumbai Real Estate


Marketing your property in Mumbai –
When you choose a professional to help you sell your home, it’s really like hiring a marketing firm. My job is to know the best way to reach those buyers out there, how to make your product shine, and how to help you offer it at a price that entices the right purchaser.
A Successful sales system
When we start working together to sell your property, we create a thorough game plan, using a system we’ve developed for successful sales. It starts with preparing your property for sale, including establishing a timeline, making any repairs or cosmetic improvements necessary and getting good photos and video.
Then we work on the listing step – setting the right price, making sure it hits the market with a bang, arranging showings, fielding offers and negotiating the best deal we can get. And We’ll help you through all the steps of escrow, including inspections, title reports, appraisal, permits and final loan approval – until closing day arrives and you can move on to the next phase in your life. My job is to keep the entire process as smooth as possible.
Do you need a Mumbai realtor?
One thing to remember is that the “best deal” is not a fixed number. Occasionally property owners/sellers question the need for a Realtor, but I can honestly say that in today’s market we can make a big impact on the deal you get. There are more properties on the market right now, and they’re taking longer to sell – so having a professional “property marketer” can mean the difference between a quick sale at a good price and a languishing listing with a price that keeps dropping.
Using comps to your Advantage:
We’ll make optimum use of comparable sales in the area to set the right price for your property. If you’re in a condo building, comps can be a very strong indicator of your unit’s value. If you’re selling a single-family home in an eclectic neighbourhood, We can use our market knowledge as well as detailed measures – cost per square foot of the land or the house, for instance – to find the number that will work.
Hitting the Market
Then we’ll make sure that when your listing appears, it explodes onto the scene. There are hundreds or even thousands of buyers out there who are targeting a property in your area and your price range – and we want them to have an immediate reaction when they first see the listing. Photos, virtual tours, well-written descriptions… we’ll use them all to create a stunning debut. And because we know that buying a property is as much an emotional decision as a financial one, we’ll help you prepare your property so it connects with potential buyers.
We often utilize the talents of interior designer and professional stager Smita and Ms Iyengar ( Team page) to make your property stand out from its competition in the neighbourhood. Finally, we’ll help you navigate the sometimes gruelling process of showing your property and closing a deal. We’ll work around your schedule so that you can live your life even while you sell your property.
Tax Guidance
When you sell a property, there are important tax considerations. If you need any help with these issues, We highly recommend Vijay Khandelwal, CA for professional tax advice. For investors considering a tax-deferred return, we recommend Deepak shah, CA & Tax consultant.
Inside tips for sellers
Potential buyers need to be able to see themselves living in your property. A key to helping them do that is to de-personalize your home; this can involve everything from removing family photos to putting old broken furniture in storage. This will allow mental space for them to “plug themselves in” to your home.
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