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We encourage members/ agents to post listings, browse others, trade and showcase your experiences. We recommend you all agents, friends and contacts to join this mumbai realtor group, whichever estate agency you are from.

This group is dedicated to Mumbai and Navi Mumbai Real Estate only.

In this group /forum exchange your Mumbai & Navi Mumbai real estate information, listings, commercial properties, residential properties and trade from this portal.

Freedom of speech encouraged here thru Agent blog. We request you not to post repeated ads with the same content. We consider such act as spamming in this group/ forum.

Posting same contents ads will clutter the site, make your potential clients frustrated seeing the same ads. We will ban spamming members from the group without warning and all ads from spammers will be deleted.

Many a time you don’t get response but anyone linked with you and interested will be able to see your offer.

  1. No Spamming, Recruitment or Profanity. Do not repeat ads.
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